How to start your idea for a mobile app

Podcast notes – Wireframe the journey
The steps to take to create your mobile app Listen to the audio here

  1. Identify the starting point and the desired end point
    e.g. if someone wants to create a lovely meal, are they starting from an ingredient or a recipe? Do they want to end up with an understanding of how to make the meal, or serve it and have it on the table?
  2. Avoid starting from components as this might restrict you. If you have existing screens or styles, feel free to use these though as it might save you time later.
  3. Map the journey one step per screen or post it. The user can only focus on one thing, so what is it? Is this step important? Is it in the right sequence?
  4. Layout and components can then start to enter the picture. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel, now you have your journey, make use of other existing components or UI standards. A customer comes to you with prior web experience, so harness it!
  5. Find inspiration if things don’t seem to work or fit, look at what else is done elsewhere and what is the result? Is it good or bad and why? Check the spacing, movement
  6. Think about vertical arrangement of contents, which side pages enter from and disappear to. How much information sits on a page comfortably?
  7. Stick to black and white and one other colour for emphasis and to emphasise key points or calls to action.

    wireframe black and white sketches on paper
  8. Revisit your initial goals: can the user get from the start to the finish? Is it a good outcome?

Tools: any will do! Figma and Miro, or Mural are nice.